Every day in our community, emergency personnel traverse city streets, rushing to a scene where their skills are needed. Whether it’s a fire, a traffic accident, a rescue or a crime, our well-trained emergency personnel are needed in Santa Clarita on a daily basis. 

That is why it is imperative that our community respect and respond correctly to sirens and flashing lights on emergency vehicles. When an emergency responder in an ambulance or from our Fire, Sheriff or CHP Departments uses these emergency indicator tools on our roadways, it is not a drill! They are being summoned as quickly as possible; many times for life-saving situations.

Your responsibility as a motorist is to pull to the right; even if the emergency vehicle is on the opposite side of the street. You may be surprised to learn that many local motorists simply stop in the roadway, assuming that emergency vehicles will just go around them. Some motorists do not wish to lose their place in a turning lane and just stay put. Both of these things are not only a violation of the law, but they are also a serious impediment for emergency responders.

The precious minutes spent going around vehicles parked in lanes can cost lives.  Imagine if that emergency responder were trying to get to your home? Wouldn’t you want them there as quickly as possible? Recently, the City teamed up with the L.A. County Fire Department, SCV Sheriff’s Department and CHP to launch an education and outreach campaign aimed at letting motorists know that they need to pull to the right for sirens and lights. 

If you would like more information about the outreach campaign, visit: www.santa-clarita.com/PullRightSCV. Thank you in advance for respecting our emergency responders and pulling right for sirens and lights!

If you would like to email me directly, please do so at: kstriplin@santa-clarita.com.


MESSAGE FROM THE MAYOR- Marsha McLean- November 2015

Welcome to November! As we enjoy the Fall season, our thoughts turn to cooler weather and the holidays. If you enjoy keeping things close to home during this festive time of year, the City has some upcoming events that you and your family may find interesting.

This year marks the 20th anniversary for the Santa Clarita Marathon. The Marathon is conducted on City streets and also includes a half marathon and 5K run. If you've been looking for an opportunity to get involved with the Santa Clarita Marathon, but running isn't your speed, you and your family are invited to join me and members of the Santa Clarita City Council on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 7:15 a.m. for the 6th Annual Mayor's Walk

Hosted as part of our Healthy Santa Clarita program, this three-mile walk is perfect for families, groups and teams. The course follows much of the 5K run course along paseos and City trails and ends at the official Marathon finish line at the Westfield Valencia Town Center. To register for the Mayor's Walk or for more information about the annual Santa Clarita Marathon events and schedules, visit SCMarathon.org

On Saturday, November 14, come to the Old Town Newhall Library for the Literacy Festival being held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Literacy Festival is sponsored by the City and offers many activities for the whole family. There will be hands-on activities such as exploring a life size chess game, trying your hand at engineering challenges, plus the chance to meet authors and listen to stories. The event will include food trucks, free books (for children up to 6th grade - while supplies last), and activities to take home. More information is available at santaclaritalibrary.com.

There are so many great programs and events happening in our City. I would like to encourage you to check them out on our community calendar available on the City’s website at santa-clarita.com.

Thank you for your participation in our City. Feel free to email me directly at mmclean@santa-clarita.com.