LOS ANGELES COUNTY — “Serial rapists belong in jail -- not on the street,” said Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich on the announcement by Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Gilbert Brown that serial rapist Christopher Evans Hubbart will reside at 20315 E. Ave R in the Antelope Valley upon his release.

This action opens up a 45-day window for public comment which will be considered by the Judge at the next court hearing.  The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has been designated as the point of contact for all written public comments regarding Hubbart’s proposed release.

The public has until May 16 to submit written public comments to Judge Brown by email to HubbartLASafetyTaskForce@da.lacounty.gov or by writing to:

Hubbart L.A. Safety Task Force

c/o Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

Sex Crimes Division

320 West Temple Street, Room 777

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Despite factual evidence that Hubbart has had no connection to Los Angeles County since 1972 -- with the exception of a brief two-month period while on parole -- Judge Brown has allowed Hubbart conditional release into Los Angeles County.

Hubbart is a violent sex predator believed to have raped as many as 40 women in a 10-year period.  He has admitted to raping 26 women in the Los Angeles area in the early 1970s and an additional 15 women were raped in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1980s.  His previous paroles were revoked numerous times due to assaulting women, his mental condition and his threat to public safety.