ElectionsVote Who among you, I ask, can resist being nosy when someone says: “The White Slaver & The Movie Star?” I mean, don’t you just have to read on? Top of the morn (or afternoon for you(more..)

ElectionsVote Boy howdy. We must have upset some sort of time continuum and left a slit in the vortex for all this hot weather to sneak in. Imagine. Hot in darn February. Well. Don’t let the mercury fool yo(more..)

ElectionsVote Hey dear saddlepals. Hard to believe it’s already February of the new year. On the bright side, we are a timeless bunch and can afford the luxury of drifting back into the sometimes lazy, someti(more..)

ElectionsVote Boy howdy, we’ve an interesting trek ahead, saddlepals. Hop up in the saddle, pull down your hat and just ride like heck toward the vortex up yonder...   (PHOTO CAPTION: “Big”(more..)

ElectionsVote Boy howdy, we’ve got an absolutely eerie trail ride through local history ahead, amigos and amigo-ettes. Eerie, I say. And it’s not even close to Halloween. Oh. Clarification? When the (more..)

ElectionsVote For some of you, it’s the deadline to get your quarterly tax payments postmarked. For the rest of us, it’s time to don a huge smile, check the cinches and swing a (one and one only) leg o(more..)

ElectionsVote This is a Thursday where I shall not stop smiling. I’ll tell you why at the end of this morning’s trail ride. That teaser aside, happy Thursday, dear saddlepals. We’ve a most intere(more..)

ElectionsVote Happy New Year to all my SCV saddle pals. PHOTO CAPTION: The Tataviam Indians lived as peaceful nudist here while our forefathers were writing the Constitution. The Tataviam used to fish for freshw(more..)

ElectionsVote It’s Christmas, 2015 tomorrow. And, I have two simple gifts for you this year. The first? On Christmas Day, I’m launching thejohnbostonchronicles.com with a feature on, of all things &mdas(more..)

ElectionsVote Oh boy howdy, pressure-pressure. The countdown continues. Only 3,658 shopping days left before Christmas 2015. On the bright side, there are no shopping days left for Christmas 2004, unless, of cours(more..)