ElectionsVote Sweet bouncing puppy dogs, this is one heck of an exciting trail ride through SCV history. Saddlepals — there’s wholesale oak carnage on a Biblical scale, undercover high school narcs(more..)

ElectionsVote Now here’s a phrase you don’t get to use much in the cowboying business: “Epic Monkey Hunt.” We’ve got one. We’ve also offering on this Sunday’s trail r(more..)

ElectionsVote This being the greater Newhall area, I can’t exactly say it’s brisk for mid-January. We enjoy the kind of postcard winters folks east of us shiver over in envy. But, we do get our snow. W(more..)

ElectionsVote You know, if I could be fooled about the ongoing nature of life, I might be tempted to feel sad a pinch. This is the first trailride of 2014 for us. Of course, on the bright side, dates are just some(more..)

ElectionsVote It’s the day after Christmas, 2013, dear saddlepals. Do forgive this present arriving a day late. As a small gift, here’s our annual look back at a century-plus of Christmases past in our (more..)

ElectionsVote Doggone it saddlepals, just want to take my hat off and wish all of you a peaceful and Western Christmas. Having said that, I’m going to hold a pleasant poker face for about a nanosecond, then d(more..)

ElectionsVote A crisp and cool Thursday in December to you, saddlepals. We’ve a most interesting trek ahead to the back trails of Santa Clarita history. Relax. Take a moment. Let’s saddle up and go peru(more..)

ElectionsVote A warm and Western “howdy” to you, saddlepals. Or, should I say, a warm and Western “hello?” Got a great little tidbit on that one. Before you tape up and put on the pads(more..)

ElectionsVote Before everyone in the valley starts running about frantically like the proverbial and collective turkey with its head cut off, I have a suggestion. Let’s you and me go back in time. If we could(more..)

ElectionsVote Drat if there isn’t about a month until Christmas. I haven’t even remotely began to think about shopping. If I can steal an old vaudeville line, I will probably just break off a sprig of f(more..)