(By Eve Bushman) Guests that had been to Cocktails on the Roof knew where to park, knew where to check in, knew their hosts and the non-profit – WiSH Education Foundation - but after that everything else we dreamed up for them was completely different. Cut to the chase to see just some of my photos here. We (see the # of volunteers below that contributed) had surprised our guests with several innovative ideas:

  • A small select group of winemakers and vintners from the SCV Custom Crush Services, owned by winemakers Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper, were chosen for the collaboration. Steve Lemley would also serve his first time as a co-host for our non-profit event. The winemakers, five of them, were seated among the guests ready to answer questions during dinner.
  • Rows of tables, almost all joined, were topped with floral centerpieces, waxed topped wine bottles that held the table numbers and bamboo flatware wrapped in cloth napkins. Many selfies were taken with the bottles and keepsake wine glasses!
  • Bare bulbs were strewn across our roof that were only outshone by a lingering sunset and then, one guest noted, a crescent moon and Venus.
  • There were about a dozen volunteers from Pinups for American Heroes decked out in 1950’s styles and adorned with cigarette trays filled with bread from The Speakeasy Bakery. Another volunteer followed them…seemingly to be holding a bourbon bottle that instead was filled with herb infused dipping oils. 
  • A few of our chefs were on the roof for their first Santa Clarita Valley event and are noted below as DEBUTING AT EVENT.
  • DEBUTING AT EVENT: The Newhall Press Room offered up a half dozen of their popular “Valley Boards” that are about 3 feet long. As lines began to form winemakers worked the crowd sharing their own wines.
  • The menu was not public. Each bamboo plate was delivered with its own menu card describing the dish with the name of the restaurant, chef, wine pairing, winemakers and wineries. Guests were prompted to take home the cards to make sure they would frequent their favorites.
  • There were three desserts! As guests started to pack up after the first dessert luckily Assemblyman Scott Wilk was on hand and announced that there were more desserts coming out.
  • Music was provided all evening long by local “everyone loves” Lance Allyn.

For me, the day after (I had too much adrenaline to sleep) I finally got out of bed and was greeted by over 100 notifications on Facebook. I’m thinking...we did pretty well! So, when I recovered I looked at what those 100 notifications said. Amazing success! These are just a few:

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