The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station is tasked with protecting one of the safest cities in Southern California. This protection could not be possible without the great partnerships that we have cultivated with residents and business owners. One crime we are asking the public’s help with, is preventing auto burglaries. These thefts occur during all hours of the day and night, affecting both residential and business areas throughout our Valley. In most cases, the vehicle burglaries have been crimes of opportunity and could have possibly been avoided if preventative measures were taken. We need the communities’ help with auto burglary prevention, so that together we can remove the criminals’ opportunity to victimize those who live in, or visit our community.
With a little time and diligence, you can help make a difference. It generally takes less than 20 seconds to secure your valuables, but if your valuables are left in plain sight, it takes on average 30 seconds for a thief to break in and steal them. In the last few months, burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles in Santa Clarita Valley have risen.
Most Commonly Stolen Items
The items that are most commonly stolen from vehicles include wallets, purses, laptop computers, iPads, garage door openers, briefcases, gym bags, backpacks, keys, garage door openers, cash and coins.
Steps to Take
The steps you can take to prevent becoming a victim include removing visible items from your vehicle. If you leave items in plain sight in your car, you are a target. If you are unable to take items with you, secure them in your trunk, and do not hide items underneath the seat.
Most Importantly, Lock Your Car!
Always lock your vehicle and take your keys, even during quick errands. Once you get home, lock your vehicle and all garage doors.
Partner With Us
Don’t hesitate to call the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station at 661-255-1121 to report suspicious persons wandering around parking lots/neighborhoods (particularly after hours) and/or looking into cars as they walk by. Our deputies count on good people to be our “eyes” and “ears” and report these types of suspicious activities as they are occurring.
SCV Sheriff’s deputies continue to proactively impact crime through directed patrol tactics, specialized deployments, apprehension of suspects, public education and awareness efforts.
We are asking that every citizen do their part in helping to fight crime by taking both preventative action and spreading the word about this ever growing problem. Working together we can make a difference.
Should you have any questions concerning vehicle burglaries or other crimes in your neighborhood, please contact the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station Crime Prevention Unit deputy assigned to your area:
ZONE 1 – Gorman
*Deputy John DeYoung, E-mail:                                                         

*Deputy Steven Snover, E-mail:                    

 ZONE 2 – Castaic/ Val Verde
*Deputy Brian Rooney, E-mail:                            

ZONE 3 – Stevenson Ranch
Deputy Kevin Duxbury, E-mail:                                                               
KBDuxbur@lasd.org  Phone: 661-799-5158

ZONE 4 – Saugus
Deputy Chris Craft, E-mail:
CWCraft@lasd.org Phone: 661-799-5161

ZONE 5 – Valencia
Deputy Brian Heischuber, E-mail:                  
BAHeisch@lasd.org Phone: 661-799-5163

ZONE 6 – Newhall
Deputy Betsy Shackelford, E-mail:                                                    
BSShacke@lasd.org Phone: 661-255-1121 ext. 4411

ZONE 7 – Canyon Country West
Deputy Jon Wilson, E-mail:
JRWilson@lasd.org Phone: 661-799-5159

ZONE 8 – Canyon Country East
Deputy Luis Cabrera, E-mail:             
LRCabrer@lasd.org Phone: 661-799-5158