There is a “Moon Bar” at Lunetta?

Posted on: 08/10/2018 00:00

(By Eve Bushman) Oh yes. There is most definitely a bar at Lunetta, The Moon Bar, and it’s open, with very convenient parking, in the heart of Santa Monica, an eclectic menu and - the cocktail menu is both inspired and unique.

Our very own Michael Perlis reviewed the dining and wine-ing not so long ago…but I went for the booze...err…to review the new cocktail program!

The cocktail menu includes a page of single spirits, followed by another page of cocktails, wines were listed as well but I was focused on spirits alone. Each of these cocktails had a very modern twist – using several local fresh Farmer’s Market fixings - on the classics. (You can see photos of the menu, drinks and some bar bites here.)

The cocktails I sampled were the Fig Manhattan, Salted Butter, Blackberry Smash and the Tired But Wired. Of those, I gravitated more towards the two-whisky based drinks, as I tend to prefer brown spirits in a cocktail made with both spicy and slightly sweet qualities. Those were the Fig Manhattan and the Salted Butter.

I watched the bartender Thaddeus make both cocktails – filmed him too – and was equally impressed with how the drinks tasted and the effort put into making them.

The fig jam in the Fig Manhattan was stirred just long enough in ice and rye to completely dissolve the jam. The addition of amaro Montenegro – instead of sweet vermouth – reminded me of the Black Manhattan I make at home. But adding in that fig jam, and finishing it off in a coupe with a garnish of sliced fig…damn fine.

When Thaddeus made the Salted Butter using Japanese whisky, grapefruit bitters, and other items I wasn’t so familiar with, I was getting anxious. The finishing touch, a pinch of smoked sea salt over the large square cube in the serving glass, was an excellent flavor I could enjoy for a long time as the cube slowly melted.

Chef Raphael Lunetta, Beverage Director/Sommelier Kristine Bocchino and the bar staff all seem to be on the same page (cocktail menu page!) in creating interesting cocktails using more interesting ingredients than most in my humble opinion.

Read more here: Eve’s Wine 101: There is a “Moon Bar” at Lunetta?




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