Shoplifting, Assault and Vehicle Burglary in West Ranch

Posted on: 07/07/2018 00:00

Here is the West Ranch Public Safety and Crime Information Report for June 24, 2018 - July 1, 2018 as compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury of the SCV Sheriff Station:


Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Elder Abuse

25500 block Fountain Glen Court

Detectives at Santa Clarita Sheriff’s station are currently investigating an assault with a deadly weapon incident in which the victims were elders.


Burglary (Vehicle)

25300 block The Old Road

Person(s) unknown pried the rear hatch open of victim's 2013 Cadillac Escalade and stole a third-row seat with child seat attached.  Total loss including damages was $3,900.00.

Petty Theft (Shoplifting)

25300 block Chiquella Lane

A male Hispanic adult left the location with a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of soda he did not pay for. No arrests have been made.

Tip of the Week: Don’t Try This at Home

Yesterday after getting home from work, I put the sunscreen up in my windshield and shut off my vehicle. Just as I was about to exit my vehicle, I received a phone call on my cell phone. As I was talking, I couldn’t help but notice how hot it was getting in my vehicle. In less than a minute, it was so hot and uncomfortable in my vehicle that I began to sweat. Summer is here, and it has hit us with force.  Temperatures this week will be over 100 degrees. With that in mind, it is imperative that we do not leave our children or pets in our vehicles, even if only for a couple minutes. Temperatures inside a vehicle, even with the windows down, can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. When you are out and about, always bring your kids with you when you are going to leave your vehicle. Do your pets a favor and leave them at home!


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