The following crimes were reported in West Ranch between April 9 - 15, 2018 as compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury of the SCV Sheriff Station:

Assault, Battery:  24900 block Constitution Avenue
The suspects were having a party at the community pool/club house of the location. When the victim, who was not part of the party, attempted to use one of the BBQs, he was assaulted by several suspects and repeatedly punched and kicked. Four suspects were arrested.
Grand Theft (Auto):  24900 block Pico Canyon Road
Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s brown 1999 Chevrolet Astro Van. A set of keys for the vehicle were not accounted for.
Grand Theft:  25100 block Steinbeck Avenue
Person(s) unknown entered the victim’s home and stole two tennis bracelets, a silver bracelet, and a set of diamond earrings. The victim rents a room and is not sure who was in the location other than her roommates during the time of the incident. Total loss was $9,100.00.
Grand Theft:  25700 block Wilde Avenue
A male adult signed for a package delivered to the location which did not belong to him. The victim stated she did not know who the suspect was and did not give anyone permission to sign for her package. Total loss was $2,020.00.
Burglary:  27100 block Henry Mayo Drive
Person(s) unknown cut the locks to six storage bins and stole two paint sprayers, two generators, pump,hose, and a rock drill.  Total loss was $36,500.00.

Tip of the week: Renting Rooms and Living with Roommates
If you live in a location in which you have one or more roommates, it is important to take precautions regarding your property and personal safety.  If you are renting a room in a home that has multiple occupants which will be in the home, or have guests over that you do not know, it’s a good idea to have a lock on your room to prevent people from entering your personal space when you are not home.  Additionally, you may want to invest in a small safe to secure money, jewelry, and other high valued items.