Here is the West Ranch (Zone 3) Public Safety and Crime Information Report as compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury:


Burglary: 25800 block The Old Road

Two male adults entered the location during business hours and broke four Samsung Galaxy cell phones off their security cables, then exited the store. The suspects left the location in a black BMW X5.


Burglary (Vehicle): 25300 block The Old Road

Person(s) unknown smashed the rear driver’s side window of the victim’s vehicle and stole his brown tool bag containing two cordless drills, and a black golf club bag containing a set of Callaway brand golf clubs.

Tip of the Week: Driving in Wet Conditions

The weather forecast is reporting that we will have some rainy days throughout the week. In light rain conditions, the rain causes oil left on the roadways to rise to the surface of the roads, but not completely wash away. This results in roads that are very slick. As such, we need to slow our speeds, allow longer distances for braking and stopping, and take care when turning. Additionally, consider leaving your home earlier when going to work or school, to allow extra time for traffic and road conditions.