We are all bombarded daily with images of war, natural disasters, terrorist’s attacks, and deplorable individual behavior. The images of devastation in Puerto Rico and Texas from the recent hurricanes are heartbreaking. The bombings in the Middle East and Africa are so frequent that we are becoming desensitized to them. And the latest Hollywood scandal of appalling behaviors by those in power is still unfolding.

There are so many important issues that our society has to deal with that I was completely caught off guard when I saw a recent protest in the Santa Clarita Valley, at the Valencia Blvd and McBean Parkway intersection, to stop circumcision. Yes, as one sign read, “Stop Cutting Baby Penis.” I will freely tell you that it made me laugh out loud to see a small band of men dressed in white hats, shirts, and pants with a big red stains on their crotch.

I just can’t take anyone seriously who is holding a sign about cutting baby penis and donning a red stain on the groin area of their pants. Add to it the fact that I didn’t even know that circumcision was a protestable issue. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the male genital organ, whether for religious reasons or as a purely hygienic measure. It’s a western practice that has been declining in popularity because there is no medical reason for the procedure but is it still done.

Yet, there are arguably advantages to circumcision including less urinary tract infections and lower cancer of the penis. Ouch! But the bottom-line in all this is that it is a personal decision that parents and some adults make every day. There is no broad agreement on the pros and cons of circumcision only the hardline emotional views of some inflexible activists like the nutty group of crotch stained protesters dancing across the pedestrian crosswalks by the Town Center.  

Just like we don’t want government intruding in our bedrooms, I don’t want some small group that has nothing better to do telling me that circumcision is wrong while creating a traffic hazard. The worst thing is, they wasted most of their day out at that intersection. I’d think that their time would be better spent picking up trash or helping out at a homeless shelter. There are a lot more pressing issues in our community that deserve attention, circumcision is not one of them in my opinion.

What that demonstration showed me is that our society has devolved to a point where we have become so politically correct that we have to be subjected to the whim of any crackpot with a cause. Where is the group that wants to protect the mosquito that carries West Nile Virus? Why not, we have some local nut-bags that want to protect a weed or a fish that supposedly swims in a bone-dry riverbed. Students at one college had protested to abolish low grades, which could simply be remedied by them studying more. Let’s all get out in the streets and protest the removal of the McRib sandwich from McDonald’s Menu every year!

Our time is valuable and there are way more important things to be doing with it than naval gazing at the most ridiculous issues like circumcision. Yes, the protest was hilarious and entertaining but it was an unnecessary distraction to traffic.

More importantly, the McRib is coming back in February but there have been early sightings. Use the McRib Locator here to find out where, it’s a better use of your time then protesting things that most people don’t give a damn about.    


Dave Bossert—Commentary

Dave Bossert is a community volunteer who serves on several boards and councils. His commentaries represent his own opinions and not necessarily the views of any organization he may be affiliated with or those of The SCV Beacon.