The local environmental terrorists are continuing to fight the Newhall Ranch development like Don Quixote attacking a windmill. The housing project has been in the planning stages for decades and is one of the most thought out, environmentally friendly master plans which will be held up as an example of responsible development for years to come. Yet, even with more than 65% of the land being left in a natural state, with hiking travels for the public to use in perpetuity, these extreme environmentalists want no development at all. That is ridiculous.

Let’s face it, if Fivepoint (formerly Newhall Land) gave 95% of the land away to the Mountain conservancy, the twigs and berry extremists would argue that’s not enough and would fight any building on the 5% of land left. Get real, our community is part of a major population center that grows incrementally every year. There is a need for housing, at all levels, and the best way meet that need is with very well-planned, well thought out new communities.

The latest Newhall Ranch plan is known as “Net Zero Newhall.” Every home in the proposed development will have solar panels and a car charger in the garage. Accommodations have been made for protecting oak trees, spine flowers, other native pants, and of course the endangered unarmored three spine stickleback fish. I have no doubt that you’ve seen that fish leaping out of the placid waters of the Santa Clara river as it meanders scenically through the Santa Clarita Valley or maybe you’ve dropped a fishing lure into the river on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Sure, you have.

The point is that the these unbending, downright bizarre environmentalists have wasted millions and millions in resources trying to stop this project for years. That wasted money has been passed onto our community in higher home prices, delayed schools, clogging the courts with frivolous actions that waste valuable tax dollars, and damages the environment.

And no matter what changes are made to address the environmentalist’s concerns it is never enough, they keep changing their demands—they are dishonest. They take legitimate, factual, information and distort or question it if it doesn’t meet with their myopic views and most don’t really care about the facts, they just want to stop growth at any cost.

It is despicable the lengths these charlatans will go to just to get their own way and most of them don’t even live in the Santa Clarita Valley. They have bullied members of the community and spread falsehoods continuously, doing whatever is necessary to try and sway public opinion in their favor. It hasn’t worked because we have, for the most part, educated residents that understand the need to grow our Santa Clarita Valley communities in a responsible way.

The first phase of the Newhall Ranch project will connect several existing roads and have the immediate impact of reducing the school traffic that many in the area have experienced since the Rancho Pico Junior and West Ranch High Schools were first opened. Connecting these roads is long overdue and will free up law enforcement to do more important things than direct traffic. It will also reduce exhaust emissions from all the cars idling in traffic every morning and afternoon during school days. The wacky environmentalists don’t really care about our environment because everything they do is bad for it.  

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors must know by now that Newhall Ranch should be approved to move forward. Fivepoint, the owners of that land, have done a fantastic job in master planning and have engaged the community every step of the way. The project has vast support from individuals and organizations throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s time to shut down the very small band of bullies and extremist, the vexatious litigants, and allow the Newhall Ranch project to move forward once and for all.

Dave Bossert- Commentary

Dave Bossert is a community volunteer who serves on several boards and councils. His commentaries represent his own opinions and not necessarily the views of any organization he may be affiliated with or those of The SCV Beacon.