Dave Bossert

ElectionsVoteLast week was one of the worst for wildfires in recent memory. The Santa Clarita Valley was spared this time around with little loss or damage to structures unlike the horrific images from the Thomas, Creek, and Skirball Fires. The fire that started (more..)

ElectionsVoteThis is the time of year when the ‘porch pirates’ are out in force and the nation sees an increase in mail and package thefts. But, it’s not just thieves stealing our mail and packages from our homes, there is a continuing problem w(more..)

ElectionsVoteThanksgiving has come and gone making way for the kickoff to the traditional holiday shopping season. Once again, this year, I avoided the shopping malls and did much of my shopping online. I have been doing that for years and love every click of the(more..)

ElectionsVoteIn the commercial world in which we all live, the true meaning of Thanksgiving gets blurred more frequently with the retail noise of sales and spending. Many people take their loved ones for granted thinking they will always be there. One day they wo(more..)

ElectionsVoteCalArts is the premier arts school perched on top of the hill at McBean Parkway and the east side of I-5. It has been there since 1970 when this campus first opened. It was the evolution of the Chouinard Art Institute, the L.A. Conservatory, and the (more..)

ElectionsVoteWe are all bombarded daily with images of war, natural disasters, terrorist’s attacks, and deplorable individual behavior. The images of devastation in Puerto Rico and Texas from the recent hurricanes are heartbreaking. The bombings in the Midd(more..)

ElectionsVoteI was out of town when I heard the news that Castaic Town Council member John Kunak had passed away from an apparent heart attack at the age of sixty-five. It was a shock and way too young for anyone to die. For as long as I can remember, Kunak had b(more..)

ElectionsVoteAs I mentioned in my last several commentaries, I am battling the United States Post Office (USPS) for the theft of material that belonged to my deceased brother, a decorated veteran. I have no illusions that any of that material will be recovered bu(more..)

ElectionsVoteMy last commentary outlined the issues that I have recently encountered at the United States Post Service (USPS)—mainly theft of my property. Yes, I am calling it what it is, stealing of goods by some postal employees. Maybe you have experience(more..)

ElectionsVoteRaise your hand if you have had problems with the United States Postal Service (USPS) losing your mail, poor service, or worse— theft. That’s what I thought. So many people have stories about the USPS yet no one is doing anything about. W(more..)

ElectionsVoteThe Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment (SCOPE) and Friends of the Santa Clara River, two groups that are apparently controlled by Lyn Plambeck, have filed a new complaint against the Newhall Ranch development, again. This tim(more..)

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