The SCV Beacon is a free online community publication serving the entire Santa Clarita Valley. The site first launched as a blog in the fall of 2005. It was created because the local newspaper was doing a less than adequate job in covering the the local communities in a timely and relevant way. It was and is editing and outright refusing to publish letters to the editor that were at odds with the papers editorial board; in-essence suppressing free speech.

The SCV Beacon has quickly become a place where readers can get “today’s news today” and commentaries on local, state and national issues that effect us all. The site was also a way to post news and meeting announcements that were not being covered or posted elsewhere. The existence of this web site started spreading by word of mouth and has become known for timely news, information and thoughtful commentaries. We are proud to say that we have broken several stories which were then lifted by other local media outlets.

This site has grown beyond any original expectations. In fact, there were no expectations except that this was now a place to post news and commentary for all to read at no cost, with no subscription or other hooks. As it has turned out, a lot of people apparently like that concept hence the tremendous traffic the site has been receiving monthly.

New technology is changing the way we get information in our lives. I think if one looks at what has gone on in the music industry you can see how technology is reshaping the way an industry functions. The rulebooks are being completely rewritten.

This is what is happening with the newspaper medium. More and more people are getting their information, whether local, national or world, on-line. The industry is in the throws of figuring out how to change and evolve with all the innovations cropping up daily. Just look at the many venerable newspapers making news by cutting staff. Many papers are being forced to reduce staff because of declining advertising and circulation. We are in the midst of a consolidation that will forever change the newspaper industry. Teens and college students no longer buy newspapers, instead they get their news and information digitally at their fingertips!

It is quite interesting to receive phone calls nearly weekly from print reporters asking about a posting on our site. It is also frustrating to see other news services taking story ideas off of our site and not crediting us for them. This has been happening at an increasing rate and why we ask that if you sight, quote or use anything from this site that you attribute the author and this publication.

Based on all the feed back that I received personally and through various contacts it was clear that our readers wanted to have a way to easily communicate their thoughts and comments to us. We have listened and added a comments feature and an email address for easier communication.

This two-way communication will be one that is managed. We will be happy to post comments that disagree with anything written here as long as it is written in a factual, well thought out and professional way.

There is a bunch of links listed on the right side and we are happy to add more. Just drop us a note and if the link is relevant to our readership we’ll post it. We are very much interested in shaping this website based on your suggestions and recommendations.

One thing for sure, we will keep posting reliable information and commentary on this site. Simply put, there is a need and we care about our community. The SCV Beacon is beholden to no one; we only want to see our community as a whole be informed and determine its own destination.